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28-410 Plastic Lotion-Soap Pumps

28-410 plastic lotion-soap pumps comes with saddle or palm heads for bottling lotion & soap. Plastic lotion pump are sold at wholesale pricing and are offered in many beautiful colors.  These pumps fit plastic bottles with a 28-410 neck size.  Dip tube length should always be checked to make sure they are long enough to fit your bottle.

28-410 Black Plastic Lotion-Soap Pump with Lock Down Saddle Head, 2 cc Output & 9 1/4 in. Dip Tube

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Product ID : pp28-410-blk
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28-410 Yellow Light Plastic Lotion-Soap Pump w/ Lock-Down Head, 2 cc output & 7 1/16 in. dip tube

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