Many thanks to all our special customers who take time to appreciate us.

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Satisfied customers at Midwest Bottles LLC have sent testimonials about our service.  Read Midwest Bottles reviews from satisfied customers that have commented on fast shipping, customer service, great pricing, good variety of products & more.  These are only a few of our customers comments.  We will adding more as time permits.  Customer satisfaction is our policy.

I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service. My shipment arrived today and they were exactly as described. You've got another satisfied customer.
Best regards,
That was AMAZINGLY fast, what a fantastic company!!  I’ll definitely be ordering my bottles from you from now on!!

 Wow...responsible management, fast shipping and fantastic products. I am impressed and will definitely be doing more business with you in the future. I have gotten so many bad sprayers and foaming pumps from other suppliers in the past that I don't even include them in my packaging anymore. I love your unique bottles and look forward to you having more options available for jars in the future. Pump jar lids perhaps? Thanks again for good service.
Bottles arrived today. 

Thanks so much for great customer service.


Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you taking care of this so quickly.  I have not notified my buyer and hopefully will not have to.
Thank you again for your continued excellent customer service!

Hi - I wanted to let you know that the bottles arrived today. They are perfect, even better than the pictures on your website! Thanks so much for your quick shipping and great product, we will be ordering again!

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for your great service during these busy times!

My order arrived perfectly!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!


 Hi.  I have not yet checked my order for accuracy, but wanted to tell you that I am impressed with the awesome customer service so far!  Thank you very much!!  In a world that you come to expect bad service, it is quite a pleasure to receive such outstanding service like you have provided me!!  THANK YOU!  :)

Thank You so much for the fast shipping...the jars are Great!!!!

Thank you all soooooo much! You ALWAYS have such quick shipping and perfect products!!!
You have a Very Loyal customer here! Thank you!
 I just took out the calendar you gave my company for 2009 and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate a monthly reminder of the goodness of God through
the scriptures on each page. I've always appreciated the great service and prices and now appreciate your company so much more for giving something that actually presents some of the values my company aspires to. And it is a
beautiful calendar with stickers! So just to let you know your efforts and
expense aren't lost on everyone. 

Shipment arrived today, very nice.


 I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the service from your company.  Shipping was super fast and I got exactly what I expected.  Your website is easy to navigate, your prices are about the lowest I have found anywhere, and you have a good selection of products.  The fact that you have no minimum order was a bonus as well.  I will be ordering from you again!

Just letting you know I received my order today. Thanks for the super fast shipping!
I love these bottles.


I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE your bottles and you are so speedy in shipping!!  Thank you!  This was my second order but I'm sure you will be seeing me frequently!

Just letting you know I received my order today. Thanks for the super fast shipping!
I love these bottles.  I think I got them in the clearance section. How many do you have left in your inventory?  (pbpurpset2) Do you have any larger in the same type?
Thanks much!

Many thanks!  We love the bottles we ordered.  They are beautiful and just what we were hoping for.

I have been so pleased with the products I've ordered.  I know it's always good to get a compliment, smile or kind word so with that said,  Hope your day is blessed.

I wanted to let EVERYONE know that your company has the best customer service. I have e mailed and called, seems like all hours of the day and night,  and always get a response back within hours.
In this day and age where the Internet takes away from the one on one contact, you still have that personal service. Thanks, JK

Your customers give you wonderful feedback, but I noticed they leave an important fact out.  Your company allows me to color organize my products and save LOTS on money.  For the first time I can choose one jar for all products; for example white 2oz. double walled jars and use different lids for different parts of the body.  Pink for my face products, blue for my body lotions, green for my pet products and yellow for my household products. I can now order sample containers without costing myself an 'arm & a leg.' I do not have to have a 1000 containers on hand of each, because I can order exactly what I need.  This makes my product look much more professional, cuts on storage needs and SAVES money.  I love your quick responses to all questions and orders.  I love how they arrive, neatly organized and undamaged.  Your bottles are also excellent, I can also color organize those.  The silver tops look really nice on the large bottles and I even found a business card template to match.  So thanks to you I have all my paperwork and business cards and even my car signs look the same.

Order Complete and Shipped in 5 Hours!!!!!
Thank You!

Hi Pauline,
Just wanted to drop a little note to say thanks so much for all you do!  My order was delivered fast, just in time for me to complete my products for a church event next week.  I love them.  I can't wait to sell out and reorder!!!!  Thanks so much!
 Hello, I wanted to let you know that I received my first order from your company. I am very pleased with the bottles that I purchased. The quality is good and I appreciate the customer service that I received. I will be sure to use your company again.

And thanks to your beautiful bottles and jars, I CAN do that now, since your bottles catches the customers eye, much better than the just plain bottles that I had better that I use to use. Your bottles are like Jewels that they go after!. I WILL always be buying ALL of my bottles and jars and product needs from YOU and ONLY YOU!, so please please always stay in business!!! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE EVERYTHING that I have received from you and a big THANKS to BOOT!

Thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service!! I will order right away and tell all my friends with projects what an outstanding company you are.

Shipment arrived today, very nice.


Shipped already?????????  Holy crap you guys are fast--love doing business with you and will continue to do so.  i refer people to you all the time and hope they do business with you as well.  I just love companies that ship immediately!!!!  You rock!!

I have just place my 3rd order with your company.  I am so impressed with the quality and prices of your products! And the quick turn around was a pleasant surprise as well.  Just wanted you to know that I am letting others know about your company.   TS

I have to tell you, I am extraordinarily impressed with your price, selection, and service! This is my 3rd order and I have been more than happy every single time! I would recommend your business to anyone looking for bottles!
The fact that I can order whatever quantities I want is why I chose you in the first place, and that fact has served me well over the last few months. Again, I am very pleased and look forward to working with you well into the future!    SH

I just wanted to tell you "thank you" for the lovely calendar, and I was delighted with my last order -

Thanks again,

We received the order, it was perfect. Thanks so much for all your help in getting this matter corrected. We looking forward to doing more business with you.


I would just like to say I have ordered from you twice and I am very impressed with how quickly I receive my items.  My last order was short 5 spray nozzles, I called about it, forgot about it, and in a couple of days, I had my 5 nozzles.  I also like your container specials that include the lids.  Just wanted to let you know I am a very satisfied customer.
Thank you.

I recently made an order with Midwest Bottles. In this order, I purchased the wrong size caps. The person filling the order was observant and caught my error. They sent the correct caps that were needed for the bottles that I purchased.
I wanted to thank them for their great customer service. I really appreciate their help.
I look forward to doing business again with Midwest Bottles.
Thanks and have a great day!
Hi Friends,
Thank you for your great service and products.  I look forward to doing more business
with you in the future.


Wow Pauline, Thanks! Awesome customer service! Midwest Bottles is my go to for bottles from now on!


I wanted to say thank you for your prompt attention and I love the customer service that your company provides. My order is working out just great and my customer love the new display. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

I received my order today and I absolutely love the pink bottles, perfect for my bath and body line!  Also I received them VERY quickly, awesome.  Thank you for the excellent customer service, I will be ordering more in the future.

Oh my! Sent you an email so I could track my order...barely had to time track it and it was here!!! Love that fast shipping!1 Absolutely love my order! Your bottles are beautiful and the order was exactly right!! Can't ask for better product and service for my hard earned dollars! Thank you Thank you Pauline! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to place my next order!

I placed an order on 6/30and I think it arrived on 7/2 ! I just wanted to send an email to say thank you so much for such great service and products!! AND PRICES! You have some of the best prices out there.
Much appreciated!

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