silver plastic bottles

Silver Plastic Bottles-Silver Caps-Silver Sprayers-Silver Pumps

22-400 Silver Smooth Dispensing Flip Top Bottle Cap- .250 in. Orifice & 1.5 in. Diameter 20-410 Gray Ribbed Fine Mist Sprayer-Clear Hood-4 3/16 in. Dip Tube (Surplus)  20-410 Silver Brushed Aluminum-White Treatment Pump w/ 130 mcl Output & 5 1/4 in. Diptube  2 oz. Gray Light 20-10 Cylinder Round Slightly Squeezable HDPE Opaque Plastic Bottle-White Nasal Sprayer-3 3/4 in. DT

Midwest Bottles saves you from 25 to 50% everyday.
 New silver plastic bottles, silver bottle caps, silver fine mist sprayers & silver lotion pumps are surplus items.

Silver spray bottles & fine mist sprayers in stock and ready to ship.
Silver bottles caps, fine mist sprayers & lotion pumps have been some of our best selling items.

Silver Plastic Bottles

Silver Plastic-Metal Caps

Fine Mist Sprayers
Silver fine mist sprayers in 20-410, 20-415, 22-400, 22-415 & 24-410 neck size. 

Lotion Pumps
Silver lotion pumps in 20-410, 22-400 & 24-410 sizes

20-410 Silver Metal Non Dispensing Bottle Cap Metal silver 20-410 non dispensing continuous thread (screw on) smooth finish bottle cap with liner.  Bottle closure is 7/8 in. wide x 5/8 in. high.

24-410 silver (brushed aluminum metal shell & black actuator) lotion pump with lock-up head, 1.2cc output, smooth surface, & 5 15/16 in. dip tube.  Wholesale prices everyday.
24-410 Silver-Black Plastic Lotion-Soap Pump w/ 1.2cc Output & 5 15/16 in. Diptube & Lock-Up Head 40% OFF

10 oz. Silver Pearl HDPE 24-415 Opaque Tapered Squeezalbe Oval Plastic Bottle w/ Dispensing Cap 10 oz. Pearl silver opaque HDPE 24-415 tapered oval squeezable plastic bottle. Empty plastic bottle is 7 5/8 in. high x 2 3/4  in. wide at top x 2 1/2 in wide at bottom x 1 1/2 in deep.  Cap is included.

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