.5 oz. (1/2 oz) White 15-415 Boston Round LDPE (15 cc) Plastic Squeezable Bottle-White Uncontrolled Dropper Plug .040 Orif -Purple Cap


.5 oz. white 15-415 Boston round  (15cc) (1/2 oz.) LDPE plastic squeezable bottle with uncontrolled dropper plug & non dispensing cap.  Plastic small bottle is 2 3/8 in. high including neck x 1 in. wide.  Packed 800 to case.

Label area is 1 3/8 in high x 3 1/8 in wide.

Plastic white 15-415 continuous thread (screw on) ribbed finish, purple non dispensing bottle cap & white uncontrolled plug dropper .040 orifice included.

 Non dispensing cap & dropper are included!

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