1 oz. Amber 20-410 Round Bullet PET (BPA Free) Translucent Plastic Bottle w/ White Fine Mist Nasal Sprayer 3 1/2 in. DT


1 oz. amber PET bullet round 20-410 plastic translucent small bottle with white fine mist nasal sprayer.  Bottle is 3 1/8 in. high including neck x 1 1/8 in wide.  Label can be up to 2 in high x 3 3/8 in wide.   Nasal sprayer is included!
20-410 White vertical fine mist nasal sprayer with liner, natural hood, .12 ml output & 3 1/2 in. dip tube.

The average dose of .12ml you would get about 8 sprayers per 1 ml and there are approximately 30mls in an ounce so you would get approximately 240 sprays in a 1 oz. bottle.

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